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Pet Of The Month

Our Pet Of The Month is currently Mr Pickles. To view Mr Pickles' story please click here.

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Congratulations to RVN Emma!

Emma Young RVNNurse Emma Young who has completed her canine massage course and successfully passed the associated exams. This is a two year course involving many hours of practical work and theoretical study. Canine massage is gaining recognition as a beneficial modality for many ailments including chronic pain, osteoarthritis, prolonged recumbency and post surgical  recovery. If you would like to find out more about canine massage, please ask to speak to Emma Young RVN.


Well done George!

Dr George Lightfoot MA VetMB GP Cert(SAM) GP Cert(SAS) MRCVS

Congratulations to our vet George who has successfully completed his GP certificate in Small Animal Surgery. George, who qualified from Cambridge Vet School 10 years ago, has been with Kydd and Kydd for 5 years now. George holds post graduate certificates in both Small Animal Medicine and Small Animal Surgery and he is available for consultations on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and some Saturdays at our Wimbledon surgery.


Congratulations to:

Sam  who successfully completed her vet nurse training this summer and is now a fully fledged RVN and to Megan who also qualified in July with a BSc in Veterinary Nursing and is also now a full fledged BSc RVN.  Student nurse Flo has successfully completed two years of her Veterinary Nurse training and is now just preparing for her final exams. Well done to them all!



Winter feature - Top Tips for Winter

Small Furries

Don’t forget your pets that live outside (such as rabbits and guinea pigs), they need special consideration at this time of year. It is important to     ensure that their hutches are warm, clean, dry and in a sheltered position. Extra hay/straw/covers/snuggle safe, even better if you have a shed  or garage (with no cars) to move them to. Bedding needs to be plentiful and changed daily; give them fresh food and water every day and check the water bottle regularly to ensure it has not become frozen. Remember, if it’s cold for us, it’s cold for them!

Reminder about the dangers of Antifreeze

As the winter weather sets in, more and more of us will turn to antifreeze to protect our car engines and remove the frost from our windscreens. It's really important to ensure that antifreeze is kept well out of the way of all cats and dogs as it is very poisonous for pets. Usually, toxic plants and products smell or taste unappealing and so pets are not so drawn to them. However, antifreeze has a sweet taste and is therefore quite tempting to our four-legged canine and feline friends. Sadly, intake of even the very smallest amount of antifreeze can be fatal. If you suspect that your pet may have ingested any toxic substance then it's important to contact the     practice promptly.

Salt and grit damage to the paws

Road salt makes pavements safer for us but more dangerous for dogs. If your dog walks on salted or gritted pavements always wash its feet when you return home. Use tepid to cold water, washing with hot water will make the feet tingly and your dog will chew even more. If the paws look red or swollen or your dog is obsessively chewing at his feet contact the surgery for advice.

Keep warm

When out and about, remember that whilst many dogs love playing in the cold and snow, slim fine coated breeds will find it much harder to conserve their body heat. Consider getting a winter coat for your dog, we have a good selection in the Pet Store. Also beware of hazards such as frozen ponds and lakes.


Microchipping - The upcoming legal changes

Every year thousands of pets go missing and many are never reunited with their owners. This sad fact is all due to one simple reason they cannot be identified. Although it is a legal requirement that dogs should wear a collar with an identity tag, collars and tags can become snagged and lost especially if your cat is a climber or fighter! The good news is that a permanent method of identifying your pet is available….[More]

Nurses clinics at Kydd and Kydd

Did you know the qualified nurses at Kydd and Kydd run daily nurses clinics where you can get professional  advice on all kinds of topics. From choosing a breed of puppy to dietary advice for patients with kidney problems and from clipping claws to administering a tablet for you or advising on the ideal weight and diet for your pet. At Kydd and Kydd we have SIX qualified RVN’s waiting to help you!       Why not bring your pet in for a free weight check and body condition score? Our nurses will be more than happy to advise you.


Practice News!

Welcome to the team! - A big welcome to our new evening receptionist Katie who has recently joined the team. Katie comes to us from a customer service background and she is looking forward to meeting  and making lots of new furry friends! Look out for Katie during evening surgeries and Saturdays and say hello to her.


New to the pet store - our own branded premuim pet food!


Biscuit & Paws In association with Kydd & Kydd

We are now stocking our own brand of super premium life stage diets for dogs & cats. A high quality complete dry food, veterinary approved, hypo-allergenic and grain free. It comes in a variety of flavours and is competitively priced. Why not give it a try the next time you are in?

Kydd & Kydd Pet Store is now stocking a wider range of pet products, food and accessories. Our new range of harness is particularly popular. Remember to visit  the pet store next time you come into the surgery.

New Pet Boutique!

Biscuit and Paws Pet Boutique, in association with Kydd and Kydd, is now open at 2 Station Road, Thames Ditton Village. The shop opened last June and provides a range of high quality products and food. Other services include dog grooming (by our very professional and experienced dog groomer), dog walking, pet feeding and assisted dog wash facilities.

At our Pet Boutique we have our very own dog wash room. We have installed the latest hydro dog bath, which has a high pressure, water hose to penetrate deep into the dog’s coat, resulting in better cleaning. This system has massaging benefits which combined with the warm water can be beneficial in older dogs. Bathing your dog at home can be a messy job so come along and use our facilities. On your first visit we will show you how to use the bath. On subsequent visits we can either assist you or leave you to wash your own dog. We will only be next door in the shop if you require any further help.



We understand that for some cats a visit to the vet can be a difficult and stressful experience (for both you and your cat). This can be made worse if the waiting room has dogs there as well. So to try and help, we have organised a couple of cat only consulting times each week. These will take place on a Monday and Thursday afternoon between 3 and 4pm. Remember to ask for a cat only consulting time next time you book an appointment for your cat.

A new vaccine now available!

Merilym is a new vaccine available to protect dogs against Lyme disease. Ask us about how you can protect your pet.

Internal parasites  e.g.  Roundworm, Tapeworm and Lungworm. Make sure your pets receive regular dosing (every 3 months) of a good quality wormer . This will help to ensure they remain parasite free. Remember it is better to buy Parasite treatment from your vet. Your vet knows your pet, will accurately weigh them for you and can advise on the very best products available.

New online Interactive Symptom Guide. If you need advice outside our opening times, try our Interactive Symptom Guide. Available on the home page of our website www.kyddandkyddvets.co.uk

Tibial Tuberosity Advancement Rapid (TTAR) is an orthopaedic procedure to repair deficient cranial cruciate ligaments in dogs. The practice has recently invested in equipment enabling us to use a new advanced state of the art technique for the treatment and repair of the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL). Damage to the cranial cruciate ligament is one of the most common injuries in dogs. This ligament stabilizes the knee joint, (also called the stifle joint) and if torn, it can cause severe lameness. If left uncorrected cranial cruciate ligament deficiencies are very likely to lead to degenerative joint diseases such as osteoarthritis.

Amie’s trip to Koh Phangan Animal Shelter in Thailand

Amie is using her holidays plus some extra leave to go and do voluntary work in an Animal Charity Clinic in Thailand. She will be away for the month of October, then returning to the surgery. Try and keep in touch Ames so we can let everyone know how you are getting on. We think you are amazing.

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