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Orthopaedic Referrals 

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In addition to our own first opinion practice David Kydd provides an ethical, high quality orthopaedic referral service for local and regional veterinary practices that want a prompt and personal service for their clients and  / or require individual advice about orthopaedic cases. The patient’s best interests and care is extremely important to us and we use a safe combination of pain relief drugs before and after surgery.

We have a dedicated orthopaedic theatre with active gas scavenging and air conditioning. We follow gold standard anaesthesia for all our patients. We use the highest quality orthopaedic implants and have an extensive range of modern surgical equipment and x-ray facilities.

The initial consultation period for referred cases is a minimum of 30 minutes. This allows time to assess the patient and collect any addition information. David will explain fully to the client the treatment required. Case histories and x-rays should if possible be sent to David, in advance, by the referring practice.

David provides a personal, caring service and places a high emphasis on post-operative care and communication with the client and referring practice.

The type of problems we can help with include :-

  • Fracture surgery (including complex and pelvic fractures)
  • External fixators / Plates / K Wires / Pins.
  • Joint, ligament, and tendon surgery.
  • Investigation of metabolic / neoplastic skeletal diseases.
  • Growth disorders.

Associated Treatment

We work closely with Veterinary Physiotherapist Marjoleine Riezebos qualified with an MSc. in Veterinary Physiotherapy from the Royal Veterinary College. Marjoleine is a great asset helping with many post-operative patients. 

We frequently suggest a course of Hydrotherapy to follow up treatment post operatively. This form of gentle exercise can help with the recovery of many patients and in some cases avoid surgery altogether.

These are a few of David’s recent cases.

Brave Alfie having his post op check (we are checking his weight as part of his after care.) This brave cat managed to drag himself home with a fractured pelvis a week after he went missing.


When we saw Alfie he was dehydrated and weak and had lost weight but once stable David was able to operate and repair the broken pelvis. After a lot of TLC and nursing Alfie made a good recovery.

These are the before and after x-rays showing a cat’s fractured leg and the Orthopaedic plate and screws used by David to repair the injury.

Xray Shots Of Alfie

This is Rex a Miniature Pinscher, who was unfortunately attacked by two Mastiffs, (each weighing 10 times as much as Max). Rex was referred to David who managed to save his leg. He needed 7 steel pins and an external fixator to repair the broken bones but is now fully recovered. (The silver and grey external fixator can be seen on Rex’s thigh).


And this is Marsiano a Bengal Tiger cat who has a carpal hyperextension injury. This is an injury to the ligaments supporting the back of the carpal joint, resulting in a collapsed leg. The most common cause is when a cat falls from a great height and lands with force on the front legs. David used an external fixator to support the area during healing.


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