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Cat Health Information From Kydd & Kydd Vets

Cats As Pets

Cats make great companion pets as they are very loving. These pets are suitable for all ages of people and can be independent if you are not at home all day, as they are happy sleeping for quite long periods of time. At the same time they really enjoy playing and can be very entertaining.  It has been proved that having a cat reduces stress levels in people. There is nothing more relaxing than having a cat cuddled up with you, purring away.

It does not really matter what size of house you live in to own a cat and you do not have to get up early on a wet cold day to take it for a walk.  However a well know saying is that dogs have owners but cats have servants. So pander to your cats needs and you will have a friend for all its life.  Generally a cat’s life span is about 13 – 15 years but it has been know for cats to live up to 18 -20 years. There are many different types of cats to choose from including domestic cross-breeds (moggies) and pedigrees, including long, short or hairless breeds. 

General Health

Cat Health Information From Kydd & Kydd VetsSometimes it is not always easy to recognise early stages of illness in your cat. They will often hide symptoms from you. Try to get to know your cat’s nature and normal behaviour so you can pick up on any changes. Often a cat will just be quieter or sometimes hides, eats less or drinks more. It is important to come and see us for your cats 6 monthly health check so we can carry out an examination and discuss any problems you may have. In between these visits if you are unsure if your pet needs to be seen, phone the surgery and we will be happy to speak to you or alternatively you can use our symptom checker.

If you are concerned about any thing it is always better to come and see us and get it checked out rather than wait, in case your cat gets worse.

Early detection and treatment of a problem is always best.

Our Kitten Health Care Plans

We offer a free “get acquainted” consultation within a week of you getting your new kitten (under 1 year old). This is with both a veterinary surgeon and a qualified veterinary nurse, who will carry out an examination and will give advice about looking after your new pet, and you will also receive a kitten pack with lots of useful information.

Included in the plan are the routine vaccinations:-

  • Feline infectious enteritis
  • 2 types of cat flu – feline herpes virus and feline calicivirus
  • Feline leukaemia virus

Kittens are vaccinated from 8 weeks of age with a second vaccination 3 - 4 weeks later. Your cat will then require annual boosters from 1 year of age.  The cost of the boosters is not included in the kitten health care plan.

During your visits we will discuss routine worming, flea treatment, microchipping and diet.  Any products purchased will not be included in the cost of the plan.

Finally included in your kitten plan we offer a further kitten adolescent check up at 5 -6 months of age.

Neutering and Spaying

We would strongly advice that all pet cats are sterilised at about 5 – 6 mths of age.

Making Your Cat Welcome

Provide you cat with a cosy bed in a quiet area of the house. You may find your cat likes to sleep in different places in the house rather than in one spot all the time, so you may need more than one bed or cosy cushion. A lot of cats prefer to sleep in high up places. This makes them feel secure and less vunerable.

Make sure you have separate food and water bowls and they are kept clean and away from the immediate litter tray area. Some cats prefer drinking from running water so you may consider investing in a water fountain.

If you have other pets especially a dog, keep the cat’s food out of the way.  A good idea is to feed in a high up place such as a sturdy feeding shelf, which is accessible to the cat only.

Provide your cat with a litter tray even if it goes outside as it may need to use it during the night or periods when you are out working etc. Make sure this is cleaned as soon as you can after it has been used as cats do not like reusing a dirty tray.
Cats enjoy playing so provide toys for them to chase and play with. They will often play in a manner that they would use for hunting prey.

If you are away from the house for extended hours, it is worth considering having two cats for companionship.

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